Sample Narrative Essay

Narrative essays tell stories. The author of a narrative essay may choose to write about a contemporary, on-going event, an experience from their past, or event that happened at some point in the past, or an event or experience that happened to someone else such as a grandparent, or a parent.

Furthermore, the story an author chooses to focus on in a narrative essay should have a point. Before the essay ends, an author should make a significant conclusion regarding the experience that has been described.

Some papers of this kind begin with a general statement. The general statement introduces the readers to the subject of the essay that is a certain learning experience of the author. By using 'I', the author signifies that it is a personal experience. The sample essay could be a story detailing a past event. This would prompt the author to provide sufficient information about the people, events, and places to give the reader a clear impression of how the author views them. For example, an author who fears his/her childhood teacher could 'stand timidly,' indicating their fear for the teacher, while the teacher could 'smile patiently,' showing that the teacher is friendly and, would like to help the author get over their fear.

In most sample narrative essays, the author thinks about the larger meaning or the value of the experience described throughout the essay. Most authors conclude by showing a particular value they possess; that has become evident owing to the experience the person has undergone. This illustrates the point of the story. A well-versed author makes every story flow by creating an environment where we can empathize with them. For example, the author in the previous example could have learned to conquer his/her fears, thereby indicating that self-confidence is the result of overcoming one's fears.

A good narrative essay should be well-organized to create a flow of ideas, where the readers can connect every previous idea to current ones, to show clearly what the author intended. Furthermore, a good narrative essay should be interesting and lively. The ideas and characters should flow to create a virtual world, where the author describes their experience in such a way that the reader visualizes himself or herself in their position. Moreover, a well-written narrative essay allows every individual to judge the persons in question, based on how they perceive them. Therefore, a good author develops their characters extensively, so as not to leave readers with any question regarding the moral behind the story. When authors choose to share their personal thoughts, they make the story interesting since it becomes personal to the reader as well.

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